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• Dr. Prateek Sharma (Neurologist in Bhopal) is a DM in Neurology and performs as the best neurologist in Bhopal having an experience of more than 5 years as a neurologist. He is also an EX assistant professor at neurology Bhopal memorial hospital and research centre, Bhopal. He also performs as Stroke specialist, Neck pain treatment, back pain treatment, Headache treatment, multiple sclerosis treatment, Treatment of GBS, epilepsy treatment. Dr. Prateek Sharma performs as a neurologist in Bhopal at the Bansal hospital, shahpura, Bhopal.

• A trusted patient-focused and highly experienced neurologist in Bhopal with a long history of serving for neurology patients by successfully diagnosing, treating and also managing their illnesses and diseases.

• Experience of more than 5 years as a top consultant neurologist in Bhopal.

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Best Neurologist in bhopal

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Neurology is a branch of medicine addressing dysfunctions of the nervous system. Neurology deals with the designation and treatment of all classes of conditions and illness involving the central and peripheral nervous systems, as well as their coverings, blood vessels, and every one effector tissue. Dr. Prateek Sharma performs as a neurologist in Bhopal

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Pain Management in Bhopal

More than 30% of Indians suffer from one or other kinds of pain full condition. Pain management (also known as pain medicine) is a branch that involves a verity of treatment methods including simple medications to varied interventional to deal with such pains.

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Physiotherapy in BHopal

The physical therapy profession (also called 'physiotherapy' in many parts of the world) tends to be more focused on evaluating and diagnosing movement dysfunctions as well as treating a person's injury itself. While associate degree activity healer can usually additionally do designation, the therapist is additionally possible to diagnose.

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Happy Patients


Happy Patients


Happy Patients


I have consulted to Dr. Prateek Sharma around a year back. Back then I were suffering from very severe stroke problem, after just 1 visit to doctor I am completely recovered from stroke. Now I have consulted back for general follow up after a year and we had no stroke case's.

Sudeep Tiwari

I was treated for 5 years but he totally cured me out of the horrible experience of stroke. I fell 2-3 times due to stroke attacks suddenly at different places my family doctor suggested me this doctor it took time and lot of mental efforts to get cure but i am totally fine today.

Thanks to him..

Omprakash Tiwari

My father had paralysis attack and got fits and became unconscious. He was not able to move left side of body. our relative talked to Dr. Prateek Sharma Sir and sent us to Bhopal . We got immediate consultation with Dr. prateek and he treated us for brain clotting. With his treatment , my father improved very fast. Now in 15 days, he has even started walking with support. Sir expects him to walk on his own within next 7 days. We are grateful to u sir , for prompt and good treatment.

Kapil Kumar Shrivastava

Dr Prateek Sharma is the best expert in neurology. I had an accident 2 months back and had fracture in arm with nerve damage. Ortho Dr. Operated me but after operation , my hand was not working because of nerve damage. Then I consulted Dr Prateek He found out how much damage and how many nerves are involved with his examination and nerve recording. I have lot of improvement with treatment. Now I can drive, write, eat, do my work at office with my hand . Dr Prateek has saved my hand and my livelihood. I owe him everything.

J.P Pathak

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